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A Studio/Agency of over sixty very accomplished artists offering our clients the very best in:

● Renderings     ●  Animations     ●   Virtual 360 Tours    ●  Floor Plans and Site Plans

●  Interactive Presentations    ● Website Design & Maintenance     ●  24/7 Sales Center Aps

  • Serving the industry for over forty-five years.
  • One of the first studios to adapt the new digital technology.
  • Over 300 award winning brochures and sales centers feature our work.
  • Winner of the 1994 Comdex international gold medal in multimedia interactive kiosks.
  • The Drawing File for Architects and Designers by Marc Szabo has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide printed in seven languages.
  • The studio has completed over 40,000 renderings on over 5,000 national developments.  (Please see client list)


In 1990 I realized that digital art meant that I would no longer be limited to the artists in my local area.  This was the beginning of the Studio/Agency.  I could employ and represent artists and studios anywhere in the world, each excelling in their own specialty of digital presentation…exterior renderings, interior renderings, moving animation, virtual 360, interactive sales and design centers, interactive web sites, the 24/7 Sales Center.  A large majority of today’s projects require all of these disciplines.  No one studio can excel in all the various applications of today’s digital technology. MarcSzabo.com is a Studio/Agency that brings together many studios each with their own specialty working together to guarantee our clients the best possible quality and service.
Mara Szabo has worked with her father as Sales Director and Director of Client Relations for over twelve years.  She prides herself on her customer relationships and assists Marc in making sure that our clients are attended to above and beyond their needs.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Sofia Szabo is familiar with both West and East coast markets. She has been a resident of both New York City, and Los Angeles and has worked in sales for close to a decade. Having recently joined the family business, she strives to bring new technology and industry awareness to new clients across the country. She enjoys much about working for this industry and hopes to bring new ideas and innovations to your business!

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